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Daniel J. Armistead is a composer, arranger, and saxophonist in the greater Philadelphia area with a passion for creativity and performance. Over the course of his career, he has worked diligently with fellow musicians and colleagues alike to develop his compositional craft and mastery of the saxophone. Growing up, Daniel was exposed to music at an early age, with both parents being musicians, and through the start of his piano and saxophone lessons in the 1st and 4th grades. While attending the University of Delaware for his undergraduate degree in Music Composition, he studied with teachers Todd Groves, Jennifer M. Barker, and James Ancona. He also performed in a variety of ensembles being the principle saxophonist in Symphonic and Pep Band, a regular soloist in the Jazz Band, and alto saxophone music section leader in the Marching Band. Although his primary instrument is the alto saxophone, he also has experience playing all types of saxophones, trumpet in his University’s Collegiate Band, and piano in his high school’s jazz band.

Having composed countless compositions and arrangements, Daniel has become proficient at writing for an assortment of styles. Many of his compositions implement elements of neo-romanticism and jazz, exploring numerous statements of minute motifs that develop and fuse throughout a piece. Many of these works have been premiered while attending the university through the composition studio’s Society of Composers’ concerts. Additionally, he has also written for several types of ensembles ranging from small chamber pieces, choirs, marching bands, and even a full orchestra. Furthermore, he founded a new Saxophone Ensemble with the goal of conducting and writing music for the group during his senior year of college.

Daniel Armsitead and Julie Giroux
Daniel Armistead and Maria Schneider

In May of 2018, Daniel obtained his undergraduate degree in Music Composition and minor in Music Management Studies from the University of Delaware. Since graduation, he has been composing daily, working full time in the music industry fulfilling commissions, and even having one of his works premiered at Carnegie Hall in February of 2019. Daniel has additionally been involved with the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps, acting as an administrative intern in their 2017 season, and more recently held the position of C0-Stage Manager from 2019-2022.

Daniel graduated from the University of Delaware in the spring of 2021 with his master’s degree in Music Composition, and currently is working full time as a composer, and arranger in Philadelphia, PA as well as being the media production manager for Curtis Institute of Music’s media team and Curtis Studio recording label.




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